1972 Moto-Ski Moto-Skeeter 350

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Reader David N notes that this Moto-Skeeter is back up for sale for the same $1,500 here on Craigslist.

Founded in 1964, Moto-Ski was a Canadian snowmobile manufacturer that was acquired by Bombardier in 1971. In ’76, Bombardier moved production to a different facility, but before that happened, they dabbled in mini bike production with a bike called the Moto-Ski Moto-Skeeter.

Not much is known about these bikes, but I think a fair assumption is that Bombardier was looking for a product that could be used when there wasn’t snow on the ground to keep their dealers happy. Because of the Bombardier connection, I can amusingly pretend that this is somehow a predecessor to the Can-Am Spyder. I’m struggling to understand the ‘350’ designation as the engine is a 72cc unit.

Moto-Ski Moto-Skeeter 350 - Front

This bike looks to be in good shape, and the seller is also offering a spare motor for a 450 model (98cc) if you feel like hopping things up a bit for an additional $350. Find this Moto-Ski Moto-Skeeter 350 for sale here on Craigslist in Burnham, Maine for $1,500.

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