1972 Suzuki RV90 Rover

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Post Listing Update: This Suzuki RV90 did not get any interest at the opening bid of $1,200.

Minibikes are back in! What started with the just the Honda Grom 125 has turned into a multi-class 24 hour endurance race featured on motorcycle.com with a cameo by me, and culminated with Abhi riding a new Super Cub to an event at Pirelli World Los Angeles and being the most photographed bike in the parking lot. Old minibikes are just as cool, often providing design and name inspiration for their modern revivals. In 1972, Suzuki offered the RV90 (or Van Van), an 88cc two stroke making 8hp. These were street legal bikes made to efficiently handle a day’s commute. A nine year model run from 1972-1981 was reasonably successful, and the Van Van name still lives on today in 200cc form.

This 1972 Suzuki RV90 survivor (VIN: RV90030979) was pulled out of hibernation in Michigan. It seems to be all there and in solid condition, with a definite patina that shows originality. The paint doesn’t have a showroom fresh shine, but it is still glossy. The chrome has some pitting, but doesn’t require a full acid dip. Most importantly, the bike runs and rides well with just 5,283 miles. Not to mention it would cause quite a stir around a pit area.

Find this RV90 for sale in Muskegon, Michigan with an umet opening bid of $1,200