1973 OSSA Pioneer 250

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OSSA was a Spanish firm that offered a wide variety of dirt bikes to cover anything that an off-road enthusiast could want to do. The Pioneer was OSSA’s enduro bike, though realistically the pavement experience was limited to putting around in town. In the dirt, it was quite impressive for something that was street legal. In fact, in a 1969 Cycle World review, a “staff member was so impressed with the test bike, he bought an identical OSSA of his own.

Per this later (1971) Cycle World review hosted by Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe, the “Pioneer is really OSSA’s 250 Stilleto scrambler in drag.” The ’71 model got a few upgrades, including Betor suspension front and rear and a 5-speed transmission to deal with the output from the 244cc two-stroke single. Other basic specifications include a top speed of 73 mph, 42 mpg, 21 horsepower, and a curb weight (with half a tank of fuel) of just 257 pounds. That Cycle World review could be summed up with one quote: “Fast or slow, rough or tight, versatility is what this machine is all about“.

This example (VIN: M306921) has just 1,280 miles and the seller says that it starts right up and runs/shifts/sounds good, plus it’s got original paint everywhere except for the front fender.

Find this Pioneer for sale in Ridge Manor, Florida for $4,550 here on Craigslist.

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