1974 Yamaha RD60

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Post Sale Update: This RD60 sold for $3,550 after 23 bids on eBay in Newmanstown, Pennsylvania.

The baby RD, the RD60 was a tiny two-stroker that was built just between ’73-’75. This bike has more gears in the transmission than horses out of the engine (5 vs. 4). Weird fact of the day – in the owner’s manual, Yamaha claimed that this bike returned 188 miles per gallon…at 18 miles per hour! At realistic speeds you’re looking at 100 mpg.

This example (VIN: 388005822) was stored in the seller’s home “for a long time” – he says that it starts “right up and runs well” but the clutch is grabby, the carb should be cleaned, the turn signals light up but don’t flash, the headlight and tail light don’t work, and it’s missing the key, right side cover, and mirrors. Frankly, I didn’t think this would get much attention, but there’s plenty of bidding so maybe I’m missing something. Speaking of, it’s also missing paperwork – this just has a bill of sale. I’ve featured nicer examples that have sold for less, but the reserve has met so this will sell!

Find this RD for sale in Newmanstown, Pennsylvania with bidding up to $2,201 and the reserve already met here on eBay.