Black Beauty – 1975 Honda CR750

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Post-Sale Update: This Honda CR750 sold off of eBay, unfortunately the final price is unknown.

It doesn’t get much better than this: an amazing bike, beautiful photos, and a great story. The Honda CR750 was one of the greatest race bikes to ever be produced- based on its success, a small amount of kits were sold to the public that would bolt on to a CB750.

Honda CR750 - Right Side

What makes this bike so special is a story that may require some faith to believe, as the documentation is sparse. But I’ll leave it to the seller:

The collector who owned this bike for the last 37 years related to us that it was professionally built in 1975 from the frame-up by Yoshimura North, with no expense spared. It is believed that it was built on commission for a privateer race team that wanted to compete in the Bol d’Or 24 endurance race in France, as well as the Lemans 24 hour race. But the team’s efforts never materialized and the bike never went to Europe. Instead, the bike was immediately purchased by the aforementioned collector and drained of all its fluids. It went directly into his extensive art collection and was stored in his living room as a prized piece for the next 3 decades.

Honda CR750 - Yoshimura

This specific 1975 Honda CR750 supposedly features several original CR750 parts, like the CR31 carbs, the megaphone exhaust, and the tach (which starts at 4,000!). I can’t imagine it will ever be used in anger again, which is a shame – the tank hasn’t had gas in it for 37 years, and the exhausts are claimed to not even have any carbon deposits in them. This pains us…there’s something to be said for the beautiful way this bike has been preserved, but it’s hard to shake the cynical view that this is more of a sculpture than a motorcycle. We can only hope that someone decides to use this bike as Yoshimura intended.

Honda CR750 - Gauges

Find this 1975 Honda CR750 for sale here on eBay with bidding just over $10,000 in Hampton Bays, New York. It’s also available directly from Northeast Sportscar with no price listed. We’re very curious to see how high bidding gets on this bike.

Honda CR750 - Light

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