1975 Kawasaki Z1

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Post Listing Update: This Z1 did not meet reserve despite 25 bids up to $15,600 on eBay.

In 1969, Honda launched a high-performance battle with the CB750, getting ahead of its major competitor at the time, Kawasaki. Both brands had similar ideas about the the development of a high power 4-cylinder, 4 stroke engine. Honda beat Kawasaki to it, so the latter had to rethink their strategy. In 1972, Kawasaki responded with the 903cc Z1.

It was the result of a project that Kawasaki internally called “New York Steak”. An engine that developed 903cc and 82hp. A beautiful bike with a weight of 507lbs that could reach 135mph. It was a confirmation that 4-cylinder, 4-stroke engines were the new standard of power and comfort, that soon bikes would reach the symbolic cap of 1000cc, and an image shift for Kawasaki from the two-stroke H2 to the Z1. Take a look at Motorcyclist Online for more information about the Z1.

The Z1 presented here (VIN : Z1F 50961) is in great condition, having been used on approximately 1,000 miles since its restoration. If the bike catches your interest, here is a video of its restoration:

Find this Kawasaki Z1 in Ceres, California with bidding up to $2,551 and the reserve not yet met