1975 OSSA Plonker

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The OSSA Plonker (“plonking” used to be a different term for trials riding, as you’d “plonk” around rugged terrain at low speeds) was built in conjunction with trials expert Mick Andrews. It was their first attempt at a true observed trials bike, and it was succeeded by the Mick Andrews Replica. In the US, the Plonker was only available via special order, which means that it’s a rare find nowadays.

The Plonker was OSSA’s trials competitor with a 244cc two-stroke motor that produced 18 horsepower. That motor was paired with a 4-speed transmission, Betor suspension, 24mm IRZ carb, SLS drum brakes, and a total weight of 218 pounds. The seller of this example (VIN: M242683) has nothing to say about it beyond the fact that it comes with the original certificate of origin, which is a bit disappointing considering the rarity and potential history of this bike.

Find this Plonker for sale in Maiden, North Carolina for $2,850 here on Craigslist.

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