1975 Suzuki GT750 – Water Buffalo

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This 1975 Suzuki GT750, also known as the Water Buffalo, was a unique 738cc liquid cooled 2-stroke triple. This is the bike that put Suzuki on the map in the United States. Maintain the breaker points periodically and you’ve got yourself a bike reliable enough to be a daily rider, if you so choose.

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When it was first announced, riders expected it to be an absolute barnstormer, assuming they’d just take the popular 500 twin and increase everything by 50%. Suzuki had issues with performance with the larger engine, and instead turned their eyes towards creating a touring bike with a very wide powerband. The press was dismayed by the change in focus, but the bike was a commercial success.

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For 1975, Suzuki finally put some more effort into the GT750 after ignoring it for their rotary-powered bike, and made a few changes to create more of a sports-tourer focus. Such changes included more horsepower at the expense of torque, port changes and thinner head gaskets, and increased ground clearance.

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The seller claims that this specific example is fully restored. According to the seller, “The exhaust, fenders, wheels, lights, and any other chrome or aluminum piece on this bike have all been restored back to their original, showroom floor, shine. The engine has been torn down and re built so that it runs just as good as it did when it was brand new.”

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Find it here on eBay with less than a day left in Vernon, Texas. Bidding is active but the reserve is not yet met at $4,050.