1982 Honda CBX

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The Honda CBX featured the first 6-cylinder engine Honda put in a motorcycle. This engine made the CBX one of the fastest production bike at the time, and truly put Honda on the map when it came to American motorcycle owners.

“The CBX is a mountain road flyer beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.”
Cycle Magazine, February 1978

Honda CBX - 1

For the last two years of the production run, Honda made the CBX a sport-touring superbike instead of a naked bike, throwing on a fairing and luggage. To help slow down the 6 cylinders and 600 pounds, Honda also added dual ventilated front rotors – pioneering the concept in the motorcycle industry.

Honda CBX - 4

The photos seem to show it all – this Honda CBX looks to be in fantastic shape. Doesn’t hurt that it spent the last 23 years with the same owner. It doesn’t matter how old the technology ever gets – nothing compares to the tingle you get when you walk up to one of these bikes and start counting exhaust pipes.

Honda CBX - 5

Find this Honda CBX here on Craigslist for $9300 in Stonebank, Wisconsin.