1975 Yamaha MX400B

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Post Listing Update: This MX400B was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

1975 was a crazy time. People were trying new things, and luckily for us, engineers were thinking outside the box as well. Long travel rear suspension made its way into motocross and changed the game. The monoshock-equipped Yamaha MX400 was Yamahas entry, part of their cheaper ‘MX’ off road line up at the time. The MX line was discontinued in 1976, and the MX400 with its monoshock technology was absorbed into the YZ400, a name that should be familiar to even the youngest off-roader.

Many people try to describe their prized possessions as ‘museum quality,’ but this 1975 Yamaha MX400B (VIN: 510-00219) was actually on display at the New England Motorcycle Museum. The listing details a $3,800 service to bring this off road champ back to its former glory. A YouTube video from the museum shows the bike being ran and ridden. Did anyone ride one of this growing up?

Find this MX400B for sale in Vernon-Rockville, Connecticut with bidding up to $2,950 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $5,750

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