Rare US-Only Scooter – 1955 Zündapp Suburbanette

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In a recent feature on a Zündapp Super Sport Combinette for sale, commenter dnaj noted that “the Suburbanette” was the one to have. Even though very few were made, Tim Huber has found one for you:

In 1953, German motorcycle outfit Zundapp introduced the Bella scooter. Made from ’53 to ’64, some 130,000 units were supposedly churned out over its 11-years of production. Borrowing ample “inspiration” from the Parilla Levriere — better known as the “Greyhound” — the Bella was a hit with the European market.

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The year after the Bella debuted, Zundapp also introduced a special US-only variant dubbed the “Suburbanette”. The American market model was basically just a Bella that’d jettisoned the bodywork surrounding the engine. Supposedly, just 370 Suburbanette examples left the factory in Nuremberg over its two years of production.

According to advertising materials from Zundapp, the Suburbanette boasted a 65mph top-speed at 125mpg. The US-only model featured an 8hp, 146cc single paired with a four-speed tranny. Other selling points included hyrdraulic self-lubricating suspension, a dash that included a speedo, ignition switch, and idiot lights, and interchangeable, 12” cast alloy rims. According to the same period press materials, the Zundapp Suburbanette sold new for $396.65 (including tax and whatnot). The seat also flipped up, allowing access to underneath, including the underseat fuel-cell.

This particular example is a 1955 model year. According to the ad, this example is all original, including its factory paint and seat cover, though the seller makes mention of “some minor repairs made”. The current owner says the scoot “runs and drives great”. Though it could undeniably use a little TLC, I really dig this German mid-century runner.

Though nailing down a value is a bit tricky, we’ve seen examples of the more common Zundapp Bella with similar asking prices, and you must consider that this is a rare US-only model of which only a few hundred were built.

You can find this 1955 Zundapp Suburbanette (VIN: #116) for sale here on Craigslist in New Rochelle, New York with a price of $4,800.

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