1976 Honda CB750K

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Post Listing Update: This CB did not meet reserve despite 36 bids up to $6,050 on eBay.

The Honda CB750 was successful in ways that the brand could have only dreamed of. Four cylinders have long been known for pushing the boundaries of affordable performance, but that legacy began with the CB750. Its solid platform has remained relevant even today. For such a modest machine, the bike remains a distilled motorcycling experience many riders prefer. Purists and customizers alike have kept the parts market alive and bike values high. So many people have undertaken projects that Silodrome created an all-encompassing buyers guide to walk you through generational specifics. The 1976 model year included a stronger swingarm, but retained the SOHC configuration until 1979.

Bidding has already started on this 1976 Honda CB750 (VIN: CB7502553325). The bike has 14,089 miles with a recent carburetor and brake service urging you to add more. Most appealing about this listing is the aesthetic restoration, including a new paint job in the OEM colors. Several chrome pieces have been replaced, including the wheels, engine covers, and exhaust, making the bike at least appear fresh. A lot of work has been done to bring it closer to original condition. There is potentially a lot of value here as the bike is not technically original, nor is it extremely low mileage, but much of the TLC has been done for you.

Find this CB for sale in Long Beach, California with bidding up to $2,550 and the reserve not yet met

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