1978 Kawasaki Z1-R

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Post Listing Update: This Z1-R did not meet reserve despite 3 bids up to $10,500.

Wayne Moulton has had quite a career in the motorcycling industry, including roles as President for Triumph Motorcycles America and Vetter Fairings, as well as Vice President of Kawasaki. He was known for a philosophy that “a popular motorcycle can have four different variations – a standard, a limited, a cafe racer and a touring bike.” He’s also known as the “father of the Japanese cruiser” because he created Kawi’s LTD line…and he created the Z1-R, a sport-tourer with a smaller front wheel and a cockpit fairing.

Unfortunately, the Z1-R was a bit of a commercial failure. It seems that over a 3 year period, only about 500 were made. Kawasaki had excess inventory so Moulton got creative with the leftovers and partnered with American Turbo-Pak to add turbocharging – and the Z1R-TC was born. It was the first turbocharged production bike.

This example (VIN: KZT00D008191) is said to be “ready to ride and enjoy” after having spent the last 8 years in climate controlled storage. When the seller recently took the bike out ot ride, he noted a fuel leak so he had the carbs rebuilt by Moto Services. Everything is said to work, though the seller notes a paint chip on the front fender, a missing spring/retainer for the seat key cover, and some wear in the clear coat on the headlight fairing. He also suggests that the brake fluid should be flushed soon. The sale includes the owner’s manual and original dealership price tag, which shows that the original MSRP was $3,499. There was a further $100 charge “by dealer for transportation to dealership” and a $50 charge “by dealer for assembly and/or preparation”.

Find this Z1-R for sale in Tulsa, Oklahoma with bidding up to $10,000 and the reserve not yet met

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