1979 Honda CBX

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The Honda CBX has become increasingly not-so-rare on Craigslist and eBay. I come across them all the time hunting for cool machines, and while some are in better shape than others, all their values continue to go up. What I find interesting about them is not just the amazing engine, but the fact that by the end of its short run, Honda couldn’t move them from showroom floors. The carburetors on these are extremely complex and difficult to tune, plus adjusting 24 valves meant time consuming services and therefore expensive ownership. In fact, Honda gave many away to motorcycle mechanic schools near the end of their run that just wouldn’t sell. All of this and more can be learned watching this clip of Jay Leno talking about his that he bought new in 1982 for $2,100:

The CBX was on sale from 1979 to 1982, and it was the fastest production bike available at the time thanks to 105 hp. As is usually the case with motoring technology, Honda produced and perfected the 6-cylinder engine on the race track starting in the mid 1960’s. For Honda, the CBX was a shot across the bow to the other motorcycle manufacturers who wrongly thought that they had taken their eye off their bike game in the 1970’s to concentrate on their growing automotive business. Cycle World Magazine went into great detail on the CBX in this 2016 article by Kevin Cameron.

This 1979 model looks to be in excellent shape, but the seller gives little detail in the post. One interesting item they do mention is the addition of the aftermarket Ontario Moto Tech exhaust. The seller states that they are very rare, but after a little research I couldn’t find much to substantiate that claim. Perhaps that just shows how rare they really are. There is no doubt, however, that the aftermarket company has a very strong reputation for motorcycle speed accessories.

Find this 1979 Honda CBX for sale in Oxnard, California for $10,900 here on Craigslist.

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