Six Cylinder Superbike – 1979 Honda CBX1000

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In the late 70s, the big four Japanese companies kicked off a horsepower war that by stuffing big engines into their usual frames, creating the notion of superbikes. When it came to Big Red’s turn, Honda decided to push boundaries and utilize their first 6-cylinder engine in a production motorcycle. Benelli actually beat Honda to the punch in terms of 6-cylinder bikes, but the Honda CBX1000 was easily the most technologically advanced bike of its day – and with a 1/4 mile trap speed of 117.95 @ 11.36 seconds, it was the fastest, too.

Honda CBX1000 - Right Side

The Honda CBX1000 only lasted five years, but just like the Vincent, it led to a new wave of sports-oriented motorcycles. A 6.1 gallon tank was necessary as the 6 individual carbs and monster power led to just low 20’s miles per gallon. Want to learn more? Check out Motorcycle Classic’s writeup of this legendary bike here.

“The CBX is the Vincent Black Shadow of 1979″
Cycle Guide, 1978

Honda CBX1000 - Left Side

This specific Honda CBX1000 is claimed to be in perfect condition, and there’s nothing evident in the photos that would suggest otherwise. It seems to be stock, and has just 10,000 miles.

Honda CBX1000 - Rear

Find this Honda CBX1000 here on Craigslist for $6,900 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Honda CBX1000 - Gauges

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