1979 Kreidler Florett Elektronik RS50

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Kriedler was a German manufacturer of small motorcycles that enjoyed some serious success – in 1959, one-third of all German motorcycles were made by Kriedler. The company went out of business in 1982, and the name was licensed to someone that had Garelli make mopeds under Kreidler’s name. This is one of the last bikes the company made, during a time when they were winning multiple world championships in the 50cc class.

Never officially imported to the US, the Kreidler Florett RS50 featured a 49cc engine that produced 6.8 horsepower and was capable of hitting just over 50 miles per hour. The “Elektronik” was named after the electric start. For more information on Kreidler’s, check out the “Kreidler Museum”.

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