25th Anniversary – 2008 Buell Lightning XB12Scg

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Erik Buell is often at the forefront of technology, building bikes we aren’t quite ready for yet. Now he’s building electric bikes, but in the mid-2000s he was doing his best to bring Harley-Davidson into modernity. The Buell XB12S was one of those efforts, with a 1,203cc air/oil cooled V-twin updated in 2008 and churning out a smooth 103hp. The frame doesn’t just look different than your average twin spar design, it holds the fuel lower than a regular tank would. Perimeter mounted disc brakes amount to 375mm, dwarfing even modern day binders. The XB12Scg refers to center of gravity, as this model had a 5 pound diet and lower suspension. Most important though, is the never ending character provided by the V-twin and upright bars.

Buells do exist in the wild, but they are rare and becoming more so. This 2008 XB12SCG has 1,347 miles, providing a good insight as to why you don’t often see them. It does not list any services that have been done, so I would ask for whatever paper trail is available. Bare listings seem to be a California Craigslist trend, but there is a YouTube video showing the bike running:

Buells are definitely not for everyone, but I support anyone who does something we haven’t seen before. With Erik building electric bikes now, the older Buells may have a few more eyes on them as well. How do you guys feel about old school American muscle? Find this Lightning for sale in Walnut, California for $5,850 here on Craigslist.

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