Supermoto Conversion – 2003 Honda CRF450R

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Supermotos make the world go round, and the Honda CRF450R is a great place to start. Honda was never known for outright power, but the chassis was incredibly light and the benefits of reliability in a performance machine cannot be overstated. 2002 was the first year for the CRF, which is now a staple in both motocross and supermoto alike. 2003 saw some revisions to the suspension, ignition, and intake. Most of these have been modified by now, and caution should always be taken when buying projects. However, I have had great luck buying already completed track projects, as most people simply don’t ride them as much as they think.

In the case of this 2003 Honda CRF450R Supermoto, the current owner is moving and must let go of his wheelie machine. Most importantly, the bike is plated in South Dakota, and includes all necessary lighting. I don’t know the roadblocks to getting the registration transferred to CA, but being already street legal is certainly the first step. Mileage is unclear, and probably not accounted for on a bike that started its life off-road – the original dirt wheels and tires are included . The engine was ‘gone through’ less than 10 hours ago. I would speak to the owner about that, but presumably this bike is ready to turn and burn. Asking $5,000 might seem high, but remember that the supermoto conversion has already been done for you.

Find this Honda supermoto for sale in Ventura, California for $5,000 here on Craigslist.

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