Café’d Classic in Poland – Custom 1987 Suzuki GSX-R750

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Suzuki’s early GSX-R750 machines were groundbreaking models when they first appeared on the market, and though they’ve admittedly grown pretty long in the tooth by today’s standards, they’re still relatively high-performing bikes in the grand scheme of things. Plus, thanks to their lack of modern electronics, there’s no bevy of unsightly ancillaries hidden beneath the fairings like that of contemporary supersports.

For this reason, old-school Gixxers can make for pretty rad donors for one-off builds, and while I don’t necessarily condone hacking up an iconic piece of two-wheeled history, breathing new life into neglected or wrecked examples can be a great way of enjoying the motorcycle for years to come in a somewhat altered state. And that’s exactly what we’ve got here, a sad old GSX-R that’s been given a new lease on life thanks to a builder in Northern Poland working under the banner of “LL Motorcycles”.

Starting with the engine — which the shop claims is in “perfect condition” and still pumping out 107hp — the inline-four was given a refresh, including new bolts and gaskets throughout before the mill was hit with a mixed coat of gloss and matte blacks. A custom exhaust was also added to the mix, and the carbs were then cleaned and adjusted for the new pipe. Other mechanical bits include new bearings, brake pads, fluids, lithium ion battery, and all bolts and springs were reportedly cleaned and zinc-plated (if not replaced with new units entirely).

The stock frame was cut behind the tank and a new upswept subframe was fabbed up and fused into place. A new rib-stitched, blue leather saddle follows the contours of the upswept tail hoop, resulting in an incredibly tidy and uncluttered tail area — largely thanks to the electronics being relocated to under the tank and the li-on battery under the engine. New micro LED indicators were tacked on fore and aft, and a new round speedo is nestled symmetrically between the new clip-ons and custom red levers. An interesting custom license plate holder that stretches out to the back of the rear wheel was also created for the build.

The rearsets and foot controls — which I think are off a later-model Gixxer — appear to be held in bespoke brackets. Meanwhile a circular LED headlight now guides the way and a small set of round mirrors poke up from either side of the switchgear on the bars. Lastly, the Gixxer’s tank was hit with a two-tone gloss red paint job with orange knee-dents, whilst the subframe, swing-arm, and wheels were all powdercoated in black.

A quick glance at double L’s Facebook page quickly reveals this café’d Gixxer is just one of a handful of early Zook supersports to be given LL’s café treatment, and I’d say it shows. There are a few minor changes that I’d love to see — inverted fork conversion and some thing to cleanup the radiator area — but overall this is still a pretty awesome build. It’s simple, well put together, and unmistakably custom.

You can find this 1987 Suzuki GSX-R750 for sale here on TheBikeShed in Gdansk, Poland with a price of $4,600 (or £3,500).