1979 Yamaha RD400F Daytona Special

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Post Sale Update: This Yamaha RD400F did not meet reserve at $3,800. If you missed it, another example is now available in Colorado with a Buy-It-Now price of $4,500.

The Yamaha RD400F represents the last of a few key milestones in motorcycling history – it was the last two-stroke street bike sold in the United States, and it was the last of Yamaha’s RD series. And the cherry on top of this history sundae? Today’s Daytona Special model was the top of the line of the RD400’s.

Yamaha RD400F Daytona Special - Left Side

Compared to the RD350, the extra 50 cc brought a lot more civility. The engine was more flexible, though you could still easily wheelie the bike in 2nd gear, and though the frame was stiff, it was more comfortable to ride. It was really was the perfect example of how the RD series had evolved from a hooligan’s toy into a more refined, but still enjoyable, sportbike. Want to learn more? MotoRetro has a great writeup on what makes this bike special here on their website.

Yamaha RD400F Daytona Special - Engine

This specific Yamaha RD400F is one of the 5,000 Daytona Specials ever produced. The seller claims that the mechanics and electrics all work great, and as you can see from the photos, the cosmetics look lovely as well. This bike has just over 2,000 miles on it.

Yamaha RD400F Daytona Special - Gauges

Find this Yamaha RD400F for sale with bidding currently at $1,500 and a Buy-It-Now Price of $6,000 in Newport News, Virginia

Yamaha RD400F Daytona Special - Front