American Cafe Racer – 1978 HD XLCR

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Post Sale Update: this HD XLCR sold on eBay for $11,995.

The HD XLCR was designed by Willie G. Davidson, and was supposed to represent a shift from the usual chrome-filled touring bike portfolio of HD. Unfortunately, it was a commercial flop, and with only 3,123 ever produced, it’s one of the most desirable Harley’s ever made.

HD XLCR - Left Side

There are many reasons as to why this bike failed in the market. The main reason was that the styling wrote checks that the drivetrain couldn’t cash. Though it was the most powerful Harley of the time, that claim doesn’t mean much when all the competition was pushing out more horses. The engine ended up being the same 61hp unit out of the Sportster, even though original plans called for it to have been worked over. From a braking/suspension perspective, it couldn’t touch the Europeans or Japanese. So Harley was stuck. It’s usual clients had no interest in this odd duck, and fans of other brands had no interest in a slow, poor handling “cafe racer”.

HD XLCR - Gauges

The seller has included a video of this HD XLCR running here:

Harley sold less than 3,200 between 1977-1978, though a few leftovers (less than 10) were titled as ’79s. The atrocious sales, in conjunction with the uniqueness of a factor HD cafe racer, have made this bike incredibly collectible nowadays.

HD XLCR - Rear

This HD XLCR is featured as only has just over 7,000 miles, and it looks to be in beautiful condition. It’s claimed to be very original and a strong runner. In addition, as a 1978 model, this is a bit more rare than the ’77s (an approximately production difference of 1200 vs 1900).

HD XLCR - Right Side

Find this HD XLCR here on eBay in Zieglerville, Pennsylvania with a BIN price of $12,996.

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