1980 Chrysler Snorunner

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Continuing the recent theme of oddball snow machines, today we’ve got a Chrysler Snorunner. This has an interesting history – though some people disagree on the actual story. My favorite version is that Chrysler built them for the Army, which was looking for light weight snow transport that could carry a soldier for 30 miles. It wasn’t capable of handling powder snow, so the Army gave up on it. Chrysler decided to sell it to the public, so they detuned it and offered the Snorunner for about $900.

With that said, I can’t guarantee that story as fact – Hemmings suggests that Chrysler built them independently and tried to offer a more powerful version to the Army. Either way, if you want more information, check out the only site dedicated to these oddballs, Snorunner.com. The short story was that it featured a 134cc engine that produced 7 horsepower “thanks” to a restrictive exhaust. Assuming you were in ideal conditions (flat and very groomed), it was capable of 25 miles per hour.

I haven’t seen many of these for sale, and this is by far the most expensive one of them…but it’s also the nicest. The seller says that it’s ready to go thanks to a recent service and new parts including a track assembly, heavy duty track shaft with new sprocket and bearings, drive chain, clutch/track covers, and a “performance clutch.” In addition, the motor has a head gasket upgrade, inline and in tank fuel filters, and a rebuilt carb with an unspecified upgrade kit. The sale includes the owner’s manual.

Find this Snorunner for sale in Bend, Oregon for $2,950 or best offer here on Craigslist.

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