1980 Husqvarna 420A Automatic

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The Husqvarna 420A featured a 4-speed automatic transmission that made it incredibly practical for the Swedish Army. In addition, you could throw on some skis to bike to give the bike usefulness in winter.

Husqvarna 420A - Front

The two-stroke single pushed power through the 4-speed auto with 4 centrifugal clutches. When you decelerated, the powerplant went into freewheeling mode, and then when you got back on the throttle, the bike would decide the appropriate gear based on rear wheel speed. For more information on the Husky automatics, check out this profile from BikeEXIF.

Husky automatic with skis in the winter bonus video footage:

Husqvarna 420A - Engine

This specific Husqvarna 420A (VIN: WN04030) is a numbers matching bike that is 99% original. The engine has been apart and the crank seals and rings were replaced.

Husqvarna 420A - Right Side

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