1980 Kawasaki KZ1300

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Post Sale Update: After being relisted, this KZ1300 sold for $5,700 after 27 bids on eBay.

When someone’s email address is a specific model of motorcycles, it’s probably a fair guess that they’ve seen their fair share of that bike. So when “1300kawasakiman@gmail.com” is offering one of his 12 KZ1300s and says it’s in ‘amazing’ condition, the bike is probably worth a look!

That of course assumes you’re interested in the KZ1300 in the first place. The Kawasaki KZ1300 was the last (and biggest) of the 6-cylinder bikes that did not have as much of an impact on the market as companies expected. Built for 10 years, the 1,300cc engine produced over 120 horsepower, which was one of the reasons why France instituted a 100hp limit on any new motorcycles sold in the country (a limit that still exists but is scheduled to be revoked in 2016). For more information on the KZ1300 and how it fared in the market compared to the Benelli Sei and Honda CBX, check out this comparo from Motorcycle Classics.

This specific example (VIN: KZT30A009923) has 17,300 miles and is claimed to be original with the exception of a recovered seat. Find this Kawasaki KZ1300 for sale in Redwood City, California with bidding up to $2,250 and the reserve not yet met