1981 Moto Guzzi V50 Monza

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Post Sale Update: This Monza sold for $6,428.28 after 23 bids on eBay.

In 1973, the Italian Automobile entrepreneur Alejandro De Tomaso took control of Moto Guzzi in order to create an equivalent of his De Tomaso car brand in the word of motorcycles. De Tomaso wanted to put Italian know-how back at the front of the scene, and with the resources of Moto Guzzi, to break Japanese supremacy in the market. To this end, De Tomaso decided to develop some models based on Guzzi’s knowledge in V-twins. So in addition to the mighty V7, a 500cc model (V50) and a 350cc model (V35) were created. Released in 1977, the V50 was a success in Europe but kind of ignored in the US. To seduce the US market, Moto Guzzi launched the V50 Monza in 1980, a more prestigious model with some upgrades.

The Monza received bigger carbs, 28mm instead of 24mm, bigger valves and an upgraded intake and exhaust manifold. Thanks to these modifications, the bike went from 45hp to 48hp. The bike also inherited Guzzi’s patented linked-braking system, which permitted a better braking balance between the front and the rear, as one of the front discs was activated by using the rear brake. With the 48hp, the Monza was capable of reaching 109mph and was considered as an agile and reassuring bike thanks to a low weight of 353lbs (dry). To get more information, check out this story on Motorcycle Classics.

The Monza presented here (VIN: ZGUPEAPE7BM100080) is in very nice condition showing just under 25k miles. The seller claims that the bike runs perfectly and smoothly. The motorcycle has its original design features with chrome exhaust and Silentium mufflers, original Ice Blue color, and original decals. Upgrades include Spiegler stainless steel brake lines, new throttle/clutch cables, and Dyna electric ignition. The sale includes the owner’s manual, original folding key, and spare key.

Find this Monza in Miami, Florida for bidding, with an bidding up to $3,400 and the reserve not yet met

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