1982 Honda CX500 Turbo

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Post Listing Update: This CX did not meet reserve despite 11 bids up to $3,356 – it had been relisted after not meeting reserve with 14 bids up to $4,250.

The predecessor to the CX650T, the Honda CX500 Turbo was a confusing bike. One of the first of the Japanese turbo bikes, I’m still not sure why Honda wanted to use the CX500 as its’ turbo platform. According to Motorcycle Specs, the small cylinders required the world’s smallest turbocharger, with 51mm rotors that spinned at over 200,000 rpm.

Honda CX500 Turbo - Front Left

Thanks to the tiny turbo, the 498cc engine produced 82 horsepower, which got the bike up to 128 miles per hour. This was up from the base CX500’s 50 horsepower. But the turbo wasn’t the end of the modifications – this bike also got upgraded with digital ignition, Pro-link rear suspension, and evolved Comstar wheels. Frankly, I’d rather get the CX650T if I wanted a turbo’d Honda bike, but it’s hard to argue with less than 200 miles if you’re looking for a collector’s item.

Honda CX500 Turbo - Cluster

This specific Honda CX500 Turbo (VIN: JH2PC030XCM001730) has 19,860 miles and is claimed by the seller to be a 8.5-9/10. While there are some minor cosmetic flaws, this bike is in great original shape. With the exception of Galfer stainless steel front brake lines and the removal of paint on the “TURBO” emblems on the exhaust, this bike is completely original. The seller does a good job of detailing minor imperfections, but considering this bike is 32 years old, it’s not bad at all.

Honda CX500 Turbo - Left Side

Find this Honda CX500 Turbo for sale in Telford, Tennessee with bidding up to $3,050 and the reserve not yet met