1983 Honda CX650T Turbo

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Post Sale Update: We can’t believe it, but after 38 bids on eBay, this Honda CX650T sold for $15,100!  Wow.

In 1982, Honda introduced its first production turbocharged motorcycle, the CX500T. The next year, they bumped up displacement to form the Honda CX650T, one of today’s featured bikes. While Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha all also offered turbo’d competition, but Yamaha and Honda were the most successful from a commercial standpoint. With that said, turbocharged production bikes never caught on, and only approximately 1,200 of these bikes ever came to the United States.

Honda CX650 Turbo - Right Side

“Off boost, the CX650T chuffs its way down the road like a mildly tuned 650 twin. On boost, it accelerates like an F-4 being blasted off the flight deck of the USS Enterprise by a steam catapult.”
— Rider, October 1983

The Honda CX650T produced 100 horsepower and was capable of hitting 140 mph. It was surprisingly portly, at over 570 pounds, but it could still return 45 miles per gallon. On paper, it wasn’t bad at all. Unfortunately, turbo lag proved to be a difficult challenge, and insurance companies charged nearly-prohibitive rates for those brave enough to regularly dip into boost. These factors were major contributors to why this bike only lasted in the market for one year.

Honda CX650 Turbo - Gas Cap

This specific Honda CX650T has just under 30,000 miles, and had a service just 3 days ago that included a cosmetic detail. We’re always fans of sellers that own more than one example of a specific bike – one would hope that they know the model well and choose their bikes carefully!

Honda CX650 Turbo - Gauges

Find this Honda CX650T Turbo with a starting bid of $2,500 in San Bruno, California

Honda CX650 Turbo - Front