1982 Honda MB5

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“You meet the nicest people on a Honda.”


The Honda MB5 was sort of a cross between a scooter and a standard motorcycle. From the Honda MB5 Supersite:

The Honda MB5 was imported for exactly 1 year here in the USA, 1982. The model designation is MB50C here in the US. The colors it came in were black body and frame and a red stripe, and red body and frame with a blue stripe. It had a 49cc, 2-stroke, air cooled engine with a counter-balancer for minimal vibration. The engine used oil injection so you didn’t have to premix the gas and oil. CDI ignition, no points. 16mm Keihin carburetor with manual choke. 5-speed transmission with a manual clutch, and chain driven final drive. Speedometer and tachometer (both cable driven) were standard. 18 inch 3-spoke ComStar mag-style wheels. Dampener rod forks in front and twin 5-position adjustable shocks on a conventional swingarm in the rear. Hydraulic front disc brake and a drum in the rear.


This example looks amazingly original for a 34-year old bike. The seller provides a bunch of pictures, which is nice, and it looks like all it needs is a little cleaning to be ready to go. Maybe some new tires…. Low miles, and he claims it runs well.


You can find this little piece of Honda history on Atlanta Craigslist and it can be your new pitbike for $1,275!