1983 BMW R80G/S with Paris Dakar Kit

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Since I’ve only been doing this a few weeks, I’ve been trying to pay special attention to the comments section of these posts to see what people have to say. While there’s been 2 early GS’ featured in the last few days, I noticed some of the commenters would have preferred to see a totally unmolested GS. While it’s currently cheaper than the ’83 GS we first featured (http://www.bike-urious.com/1983-bmw-r80gs-with-pd-tank/), but more expensive than the blue ’84 (http://www.bike-urious.com/1000cc-engine-1984-bmw-r80gs/) it has to be the absolute cleanest and lowest mileage R80G/S out there with only 3,138. It simply looks brand new.

BMW R80GS with Paris Dakar Kit - Front Right​I don’t think a lot needs to be said here. Part of me wonders how this is even possible, and if it’s actually restored. The tank and the plastics look like they just left the factory, there’s not even any yellowing or fading. This just genuinely looks like a brand new bike. The seller says 3 seats, toolkit, factory bags, keys and owner’s manual are included.

Regarding the price, when the sample size of R80G/S’ with under 5,000 miles is so insanely small, it’s hard to say exactly how much a bike like this is really worth. However, it’s already gotten bids up to almost $13,000. This might seem like a lot for an old G/S, but when it’s a museum piece like this, it’s obviously going to go to a collector that wants to bask in it’s newness. I’ve been told not to buy a vehicle that does less than 3,000 miles a year because the engine is rotting from a lack of use. However, the seller seems to indicate it’s in perfect running order. For the sake of whoever buys this time capsule, I hope it’s true.

BMW R80GS with Paris Dakar Kit - Gauges

This bike is available in Scottsdale, Arizona. Current bidding is at $12,800