1984 Honda VF500F Interceptor

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The smallest of the V4 Interceptors, the VF500 is claimed by some to be the best, thanks to absolutely incredible handling. The 500cc engine was a mutt of Honda parts – the bottom end from the non-US VF400F combined with two top ends from the VT250. This got you 70 horsepower, enough for 128 miles per hour through the 6 speed transmission. Redline was at an impressive 12K, and the entire package weighed about 440 pounds when ready to roll.

In their first ride review, Cycle World summed up the baby Interceptor by saying: “a bike that looks this good, handles this well, has such a wonderful engine and costs no more than its competitors is more than just a “nice bike.” It’s damn near irresistible.

This example is said to be bone stock with just 1,515 miles. It was “in storage stuffed in the corner for over 20 years” and it comes with new tires and a new battery as well as a spare complete set of decals. Those in the know will tell you that the ’84 (first year) models had some bottom end issues that required recalls, so you’ll want to talk to the seller to see if there’s any history of that with this bike…

Find this Interceptor for sale in Joliet, Illinois for $3,800 here on Craigslist.

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