1989 Honda GB500

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Honda’s GB500 was an homage to classic British singles but there was a twist – it was reliable! The average American rider shopping for a Japanese bike at the time was more interested in the bigger supersport replicas, but the Tourist Trophy has become a cult classic.

For more on what it’s like to ride the GB500, check out this fantastic 1989 Cycle World review from Peter Egan. He concludes it by saying “Simplicity and grace are never out of style, and the GB is a simple, handsome bike. It’s not a Velocette Venom Clubman, but I don’t care. We already have Venom Clubmen if we want them. This is a new motorcycle that looks good and is fun to ride, and there are never enough of those.

This example has 9,005 miles and it “runs well” – that’s just about everything the seller has to say about it. Find this GB for sale in Auburn, Washington for $4,750 here on Craigslist.