1985 BMW K100 Wulf Gerstenmaier Special

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Wulf Gerstenmaier is a German painter who now resides in the Caribbean and runs an art school. What does that have to do with this motorcycle website? Well, decades ago, he ran one of Germany’s best aftermarket companies for BMW parts. Utilizing his art background, he went as far as to develop custom bodywork which was supposed to be more stylish and safer than OEM.

First, if you need a reminder of what the sport version (RS) of the K100 looked like, check out this example with a Luftmeister Turbo. Then, you can decide if Wulf’s changes are better or worse.

BMW K100 Wulf Gerstenmaier - Front Right

This 1985 bike features the first years of Wulf’s changes. His claim of increased safety was due to the intent of the fairings, which were designed to progressively collapse in a head-on crash. How that helps actually helps, I don’t know, but I’m no genius designer. Other changes include a shorter front fairing, one mirror, low windscreen, single seat, and nifty rearsets. One year later, he also increased a K75 kit.

BMW K100 Wulf Gerstenmaier - Front

This specific BMW K100 Wulf Gerstenmaier Special comes with the optional full fairing/engine spoiler. Having covered l3ss than 30,000 miles, it’s got plenty of life left. You’ll get new tires, a Fox rear shock, and a Kerker slip-on. It seems at this point there’ sonly one mechanical issue, where the speedometer has started to intermittently cut out. According to this link, the current owner purchased the bike in July of 2013 from this owner. It seems that this bike has covered just 500 miles since of June of 2012. #37 off the production line, it’s estimated that less than 150 of these bikes were ever built. It’s decidedly 80’s, but if you’re a fan of the visual cues, this bike provides you with great style and a reliable mechanical platform to enjoy the road.

BMW K100 Wulf Gerstenmaier - Gauges

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BMW K100 Wulf Gerstenmaier - Left Side