1986 Honda XL250R

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Post Listing Update: This XL250R did not get any interest at the opening ask of $3,500.

I’ve said it before – dual sports are one of life’s great simple joys. Two knobby tires strapped to a 250cc single cylinder is all the machine you need to conquer the world. I’m sure some of our readers have experienced the motorcycle manifestation of parkour themselves. Honda’s XL250R is a dirt bike frame, street friendly suspension, a thumper that won’t quit, and a dash of street legality just because. A change in tires and twist of the throttle can give you all the excitement you’ve ever needed in life. The dual sport recipe hasn’t changed and I hope it never does.

Even the frame on this 1986 Honda XL250R looks like it was powder coated yesterday, but the paint is all original. The engine cases were boldly painted red by the previous owner, but the color has probably aided in protecting underneath. Currently sitting with 6,966 miles, this XL250R has been resting in a Utah garage for 5 years. A valve adjustment is recommended, and a head gasket leak is mentioned in the listing. Neither is unusual for the vintage, but should definitely be addressed before any epic adventures. For $3,500, does this Honda deserve to be freed or should it be condemned to the garage forever?

Find this XL250R for sale in Bountiful, Utah with an unmet opening bid of $3,500

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