1988 BMW K100RS SE

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Post-Sale Update: This BMW K100RS SE did not meet reserve at $4,250.

The BMW K100RS SE, or Special Edition, was a limited run of the K100RS that featured a lovely blue and white paint job, hand drawn pin stripes, and color-matched hard luggage. It’s also famous for being the motorcycle that introduced ABS to the market.

BMW K100RS LE - Engine

Back in 1988, the BMW K100RS SE featured a 987cc liquid-cooled inline-4 engine, which was a stressed member of the frame. Interestingly enough, the engine was actually based on a Peugeot car engine of the time. This led to the only real flaw of this bike: slightly excessive vibration. The vibration was solved by lopping off one of the cylinders in the creation of the K75, though some 20 horsepower were lost in the process. This is a heavy bike, and it feels that way. It’s best on the highway, where it absolutely eats up miles. Corners can be enjoyable, but it absolutely requires counter-streering as the handlebars on the early flying bricks were surprisingly narrow.

BMW K100RS LE - Gauges

This specific BMW K100RS SE seems to be missing the hard luggage, which is a disappointment. This is actually one of the few bikes out there that we think looks better with the luggage on – and of course the convenience factor would be raised immensely. Not to mention, BMW designed the hard luggage perfectly on the early K-series bikes – they fit plenty but didn’t stick out wider than the bars. This being has one owner, who seems to be obsessed with exclamation marks. Guess he’s just very excited about the bike, which only has 15,000 miles!!!

Despite the lack of hard luggage, this bike does come with the OEM BMW tank bag, and the very rare OEM BMW rear fender bag. If it means anything to you (doesn’t mean anything to us), this bike was sold by Reg Pridmore’s dealership in Ventura, California.

BMW K100RS LE - Left Side

Find this BMW K100RS SE for sale with bidding under $2,000 (though lots of bids have been placed) in Hayden, Idaho