Perfect Storm – 1988 Honda Hurricane 1000

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Post-Sale Update: This bike sold on eBay for $3,900.

The Honda Hurricane, besides having one of the greatest names in motorcycling history, was an excellent sport-tourer that introduced some crucial technology into the Honda lineup. It eventually evolved into the well-known Blackbird. Available in 1000cc and 600cc versions, the design of the bigger bike has aged a bit better with time.

Honda Hurricane - left side

Though on the portly side, it had 130 horsepower to back it up. Times have changed, and what used to be a bike too heavy (over 500 pounds) for anything more than stoplight pulls and fast sweepers has now become a widely-accepted classic sport touring bike. There’s only one mechanical you have to worry about on an otherwise very reliable bike. These bikes are known for noisy camchain tensioners. Most rattle when cold, but once the engine fills with oil, you should be okay.

Honda Hurricane - right side

But ignore all that for a moment. If there’s any reason why you should buy this Honda Hurricane, it’s just so you can own the work of art featured in this delightfully 80’s commercial:

Honda Hurricane - gauge cluster

This specific Honda Hurricane seems to be in amazing condition – you will not find many others like it anymore. The current seller has owned it for nearly 8 years, and has recently performed some basic maintenance. There are only two minor cosmetic flaws, both thankfully highlighted in photos by the seller. Ignoring the CAPS LOCK USED ON EVERY SINGLE WORD, this is the kind of ad we like seeing. But the niftiest aspect of this ad is that it includes a matching Hondaline helmet, done up in the same colors and with the same logos as the bike. Can’t imagine you’ll find one of those around anymore.

Honda Hurricane - matching helmet

Find this Honda Hurricane for sale here on eBay for $3,900 in Asbury Park, New Jersey.