1989 Honda Transalp

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Post Listing Update: This Transalp did not get any interest at the BIN of $4,200.

After the NXR750V’s multiple Paris-Dakar victories during the 80s, Honda decided to release a street-legal tribute version to that bike with the XL600V Transalp in 1987.

The Transalp concept was born from Honda France, who wanted to develop a Swiss Army knife motorcycle that could be as good on-road as it was off-road. To this end, Honda decided to use the VT500 engine as a base, taking the compression ratio from 10.5:1 to 9.2:1 and re-boring it to 583cc. With a dry weight of 386 lbs, the bike could reach a top speed of 110 mph which was pretty impressive for that segment of bike. Thanks to the fairings, the bike was notably great on highways: well-suited for the US market as it could safely cruise at 75mph. Find more information about the Transalp here on Motorcycle Specs.

The bike (VIN: JH2PD0608KM201898) presented here is in very nice condition showing just above 19k miles. Apparently, the bike has just been serviced and should be running well. Find this Honda Transalp in Miami, Florida with a BIN of $4,200 or best offer

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