1989 Moto Guzzi Mille GT

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Post Listing Update: This Mille GT got no interest at the opening ask of $4,999.

While trying to recover from the Japanese motorcycle tsunami, Moto Guzzi had to find new ways to attract clients. Trying to compete on technology was probably pointless, so Guzzi decided to bet on ’60s nostalgia with the release of the Mille GT in 1987.

The Mille was actually a hybrid between two Guzzi models at the time, the T5 and the California. Precisely, it used the 948cc engine from the Cali and the T5 frame with 18” wheels instead of 16”. The motor produced 65hp for 507 lb, which made it 22lb heavier than the T5 and negatively balanced the increase in power. The Mille GT was an obvious commercial failure but now it’s rare and somewhat collectible. To get more information, read this Motorcycle Magazine article from 1988 hosted on Motorcycle Specs.

The Mille GT presented here is in good condition showing about 49k miles. The bike is claimed to be original condition with a few services done recently. Among them the machine received a new battery, new fluids, new brakes and a carb synchronization.

Find this Mille GT in San Francisco, California with an unmet opening bid of $4,999

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