Euro-Market – 1991 Triumph Trophy 1200

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Post Sale Update: This Triumph Trophy 1200 sold for just $1,600 on eBay.

The Triumph Trophy 1200 was the debut model of Triumph’s new factory in Hinckley, as part of a multi-million dollar revitalization attempt. Setting their Japanese competition as the benchmark, Triumph tried to modernize themselves by increasing their quality and design standards. While the Trophy 1200 was incredibly rare in the United States, it was an impressive match for the competition and was a big jump start to Triumph’s reputation.

Triumph Trophy 1200 - Right Side

The four-cylinder Trophy was the biggest engine in Triumph’s portfolio. With 1180cc, it produced up to 140 horsepower, though it was tuned to approximately 110hp for this usage. For a brand new model, the Trophy (and other Triumph’s of the time) was surprisingly trouble-free. Engine vibration was managed with twin balancer shafts, leading to a steady smooth ride up to even 150 miles per hour. Again, pegging the Japanese competition as the benchmark, Triumph sourced brakes and suspension components from Nissin and Kayaba, respectively. Though on the heavy side, the Triumph Trophy 1200 handled very well, and the seating position, combined with the large fuel tank and comprehensive fairing, made this bike an excellent sports tourer which compared favorably with competition like the Yamaha FJ1200. With time, the Trophy received incremental upgrades – but we at Bike-urious believe that the first generation was the most attractive. That, in conjunction with how rare these bikes are in the US, make it worthy of a feature.

Triumph Trophy 1200 - Gauges

This specific Triumph Trophy 1200 has a singular significant issue – paperwork. In many states, it won’t be a problem, but for some readers, this bike is already off the table. As it was imported four years before Hinckley Triumphs were sold in the US, this is a Euro market bike. The bike has recently a tune up and is ready to go. Modern Triumph fans don’t have many chances to snap up a bike like this.

Triumph Trophy 1200 - Left Side

Find this Triumph Trophy 1200 for sale here on eBay with bidding starting at $500 in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.