Fireblade – 1994 Honda CBR900RR

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Post-Sale Update: After being relisted, this Honda CBR900RR sold for $4,100.

The first generation of the Honda CBR900RR, affectionately known as the Fireblade, was a revolution in the large displacement sport bike market. Despite a 50% larger engine, this bike weighed just 4 pounds more than then CBR600F2. Just as important, this bike was a whopping 76 pounds lighter than its lightest competition! Honda took a page out of Colin Chapman’s book, and added lightness. The sheer difference in weight made the Honda CBR900RR the clear leader in its segment, and forced competition to adapt. Introduced in 1992, the first update came in 1994 (the model year of this example), which included steadier mirrors and an improved shift drum.

Honda CBR900RR - Right Side

When originally introduced, some thought the steering was dangerously fast. As time has moved on, it’s clear that the Honda CBR900RR was just a trendsetter – modern supersports are all just as twitchy, if not more. Dynamically, this is an excellent bike with incredible reliability. Many owners have seen 6 figures on their odometers with routine maintenance. This was easily the best motorcycle of the time, and the 1st gen Fireblades have been collectible, as the seller doesn’t fail to mention. As Motorcycle News puts it, the Fireblade was “the motorcycle that changed how sports motorcycles were built.”

Honda CBR900RR - Front Tire

This specific Honda CBR900RR comes with a few extras, including Performance Machine wheels, rotors, and race calipers, Kosman triple clamps, Vance & Hines Ignition, and a lovely full Hindle exhaust. Even better than all of that, though? The solo rear seat cover and a separate solo tail, which makes this bike look even better. With less than 20,000 miles, this bike has plenty of life left to give.

Honda CBR900RR - Rear Tire

Find this Honda CBR900RR here on eBay for $5,000 in Wirtz, Virginia.

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