1990 Honda NS50F

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Post Sale Update: After being relisted twice, this Honda NSF50F sold on eBay for $2,025.

For the second time in as many days, we’re featuring a 49cc Honda street-legal motorcycle. We love these little bikes. The Honda NS50F, like the MB5 featured yesterday, is an incredibly rare bike sold only for one year. It has a small, but incredibly passionate following.

Honda NS50F - Left Side

Despite it’s tiny stature, this is a legitimate motorcycle. Capable of 55-65 (depending on the weight of the rider), this bike is easily hopped-up with aftermarket parts from companies like Team Calamari. You’ll also enjoy a six-speed transmission and front and rear drum brakes to slow down this light bike. Plus, just look at that “Liquid Cooled” decal! It might be a 1990 model bike, but that’s pure 80s goodness.

Honda NS50F - Right Side

Unfortunately, the seller of this specific Honda NS50F doesn’t have much to say about it. With that said, it’s clearly in excellent cosmetic shape, and this bike still has the factory front and chin fairings – not something that can be said of most NS50F’s still around today. The seller claims it starts and runs like new, which is encouraging considering the incredibly low mileage. 85 miles makes it seem like this bike is cherry, but you have to remember that this bike has clearly spent most of its 23 years of life sitting around, probably in storage. You’ll want to go through the gas tank and seals thoroughly.

Honda NS50F - Speedometer

Find this Honda NS50F here on eBay with the opening bid at $1,499 and a BIN price of $1,999 in Tustin, California. This is as pricey as it gets with the NS50F, but it’s got barely any miles on it, it looks to be in great shape, and it has the rare factory fairings. This is going to make some NS50F fan very, very happy.