1982 Honda MB5

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Post Sale Update: Unfortunately, this Honda MB5 was pulled early from the eBay auction.

The Honda MB5 was only imported to the United States for one year, and it did not leave a lasting impression. However, we at Bike-urious are huge suckers for little bikes, and this one deserves to be featured.

Honda MB5 - Left Side

The MB5 was very interesting – an incredibly light motorcycle that was basically as functional as a scooter. It was styled like a tiny sport bike, had 5 speeds(!), and a tiny 49cc two-stroke engine that produced nearly 7 horsepower. Some of the features were reminscient of much bigger bikes of the time, including a front disc brake, Honda’s Comstar wheels, and even a tachometer with a 10,500 rpm redline. Sold for a whopping $398 when new, the MB5 makes lots of people nostalgic, as it was the first bike of someone they knew.

Honda MB5 - Cluster

This specific Honda MB5 seems to have lived a nice life. It starts on the first or second kick, and runs well from idle to redline. There a few light scratches in the front fender, but otherwise it seems to be in good cosmetic shape. The engine has been refreshed, and this bike should be ready to go.

Honda MB5 - Right Side

Find this Honda MB5 for sale here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now price of $1,750 in Jackson, Wisconsin.

Honda MB5 - Brochure