1 of 200: 1978 BMW R100RS Motorsport

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Post-Sale Update: This BMW R100RS Motorsport did not meet reserve with one bid at $12,000.

A classic in its own right, the BMW R100RS needs no introduction. However, in 1978, BMW released a limited edition – the Motorsport. 200 were released to the United States.

BMW R100RS Motorsport - ad

The fancy name of the BMW R100RS Motorsport might lead you to believe that there were significant upgrades made to this bike, but unfortunately that’s not the case. All you get is the “Motorsports” paint job seen on BMW’s across the decades – white base with blue and red stripes and accents. The K100RS was another BMW that got a similar paint scheme in the late 80s.

BMW R100RS Motorsport - Cockpit

The mechanicals included the usual BMW wares of the time – mag wheels, double Bing carbs feeding the boxer gengine, and double discs in the front with a rear drum. The large fairing and available luggage made this bike a wonderful touring bike – the perfect Autobahn cruiser.

BMW R100RS Motorsport - Left Side

Cycle World had the following to say, back in the day:

Only the R100RS model retains a steering damper knob, which features three-position adjustment. The need for the damper has been eliminated by a new horizontal tube welded to the frame downtubes just below the steering head, and a stronger swinging arm.

Suspension remains soft for the touring models: still the finest touring suspension in the industry. But the Sport models get the benefit of stiller suspension front and rear for improved high-performance riding without much sacrifice in straight-line comfort.

Surprisingly, the changes made to frame and swinging arm. though minor, make for a big difference in feel on the road. There is a much greater feeling of stability at all speeds, particularly when things are whizzing by in a blur. Continental tires, also now standard, stick better than the Metzelers used in the past and are unaffected by rain grooves; by all indications they wear better, as well.

The big news in the line is. of course, the R100RS. which will probably hover in the astronomical price range of $4800. Whether or not people are ready for a BMW with a tag like that remains to be seen, but the same people who balked temporarily at the price of the first R90S bought all they could get.

BMW R100RS Motorsport - Side

This specific BMW R100RS Motorsport is in mint condition. Having only had two owners, it has just over 30,000 miles, and comes with the BMW solo seat, the original seat, and a cover.

BMW R100RS Motorsport - Rear

Find this BMW R100RS Motorsport here on eBay with the opening bid set at $12,000 in Muskegon, Michigan.