1998 Buell White Lightning

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The Buell White Lightning was the one-year-only, cream of the crop edition of the S1 Lightning. Made only in 1998, the White Lightning took Erik Buell’s concept of what you could build around a Harley engine to an extreme.

Buell White Lightning - Left Side

The 1200cc heart is the same engine found in the Sportster, but Buell adds high-flow heads, bigger headers, and a lightened flywheel. All this plus the custom exhaust system yields a bump to nearly 80/80 hp/lb-ft to the rear wheel – a fantastic amount of torque. The short wheelbase helps maneuverability, and the sparse bodywork draws your eyes to the trick features, including Buell’s interesting brake setup, the inverted forks, and the shock that expands over bumps, contrary to the norm.

Buell White Lightning - Rear

Unfortunately, the 90’s Buells suffer from some pretty poor reliability issues. If you have good luck and can get around that, you can enjoy a rare bike that’s surprisingly comfortable over long distances. This is partly due to the Buell-developed isolation system (that they called “Uniplanar”), which helps soak up much of the standard Harley V-Twin vibration.

Buell White Lightning - Right Side

This specific Buell White Lightning is stock, though the tank and bodywork have been repainted. In addition, the carburetor has been rebuilt, meaning this motorcycle runs AND looks good.

Buell White Lightning - Speedometer

Find this Buell White Lightning here on Craigslist (or here on BadWeatherBikers) for in $5,500 in Rumson, New Jersey.