1994 Yamaha YZF750R

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Yamaha’s YZF750 was offered in two variants – the base model “R” and the homologation “SP”. The United States only received the R variant – it wasn’t as special but it was still a good bike. Sport Rider named it Bike of the Year in 1995. This example has less than 7k miles and it looks to be in good shape.

The bike features a six speed transmission, six-piston brakes up front with dual 320mm discs, and Yamaha’s EXUP (EXhaust Ultimate Powervalve) system. This was the first production road bike to feature six-piston brakes. The 749cc motor produced 125 horsepower and 60 pound feet of torque.

This example has just 6,600 miles and the seller has to get rid of it because his son is moving in with a whole bunch of toys. For some reason, the seller says that he has never had it close to redline. He takes it out for a 20 mile ride every few weeks to keep the fluids moving but it looks like this bike needs a new owner. I’d inquire as to why the bike has race numbers on the tail, and then enjoy. Find this YZF-R for sale in Hendersonville, North Carolina with an opening bid of $5,000