1995 MZ Silver Star

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Post Sale Update: Not much of an update, as there were no bids on this MZ Silver Star.

The MZ Silver Star is an interesting and very rare “classic” styled bike with a single cylinder, four stroke, 494cc engine. This thumper produces 34 horsepower, which isn’t a large amount – but it’s only carrying around 322 pounds of bike. MZ has always had a tradition of producing narrow, light motorcycles. In the Colin Chapman way, MZ doesn’t mind a bike that vibrates much more than the Japanese competition, because there isn’t much metal to absorb vibrations. It’s all about keeping weight off the bike – weight that worsens dynamics all across the board, whether it’s fuel mileage, handling, or even tire wear.

MZ Silver Star - Front

If you’re looking at any MZ, your best option is MZ Riders, by far the best resource out there online. Unfortunately, these bikes are just so rare that you’ll end up having to do a lot of your own work. Thankfully, the engine in this Silver Star is built by Rotax, so some mechanics will have a small amount of institutional knowledge about the powerplant. Simply put, this is a great B-road bike, which will let you enjoy its light weight, excellent fuel economy, and compact nature. Just make sure you’re the kind of person that can constantly put up with being asked what kind of bike you’re riding any time you stop!

MZ Silver Star - Engine

This specific MZ Silver Star is claimed to be in mint condition and has had regular services. It is in completely original condition. Unfortunately, and despite the “mint” claim, there is a small dent on the gas tank, shown in auction pictures. Want to see more pictures? Check them out here on Photobucket.

MZ Silver Star - Gauges

Find this MZ Silver Star for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $2,600 in Hialeah, Florida.