1979 Yamaha XT500

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The Yamaha XT500 was the original Yamaha thumper, and an instant sales success. This enduro bike was produced for 15 years, eventually leading to an entire range of “XT” bikes of avarying displacements and cementing Yamaha’s reputation as a quality dual sport maker in the American and European markets. Sharing its very reliable engine with the SR500, the XT500 was capable of 90 miles per hour, as its 499 cc engine produced 31.5 horsepower and 27 pound feet of torque – more than sufficient considering it weighed just 310 pounds dry.

Yamaha TX500 - Front

Immediately after its inception, the XT proved its mettle by winning the Paris-Nice and Paris-Dakar rallies, lending a tremendous amount of credibility to the bike. The only difference between the race bikes and production versions? A larger fuel tank, and a rear rack to carry tools and jerry cans for fuel. Want to learn more about the story of the revolutionary XT500? Check out Yamaha Europe’s page about this wonderful bike.

Yamaha TX500 - Gauges

The seller has also published a video of his bike at idle:

This specific Yamaha XT500 has received a restoration less than 300 miles ago, and looks to be in amazing shape. You’ll get plenty of paperwork, and a bike that has been completely disassembled, besides the engine cases. The top end has been redone, and the bike has had a .50 mm rebore. The frame was sandblasted and powercoated – though the swingarm was painted. In addition to plenty of painting and powdercoating all over the place, this bike is full of new parts including Shinko 50/50 tires, a Clarke 3.5 gallon fuel tank, wheel bearings – the works. The auction goes into detail about all the work this Yamaha XT500 has seen.

Yamaha TX500 - Right Side

Find this Yamaha XT500 for sale here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now price of $5,000 in Oak Park, Illinois.

Yamaha TX500 - Rear