1973 Yamaha RD350

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Post Sale Update: After being relisted, this Yamaha RD350 sold for $2,495.

The Yamaha RD350 was an instant classic once introduced by Yamaha in 1973. An evolution of the R5, it featured the reliable two-stroke reed-valve 350cc parallel twin, which was capable of consistently dusting bikes with 750cc engines. This bike, simply put, was an overachiever.

Yamaha RD350 - Right Side

While most big bikes could beat the Yamaha RD350 in a straight line, this bike had quite an advantage when it came to the corners. At the time, this was easily one of the best handling bikes you could buy – the bonus being that it was dirt cheap. In 1974, a RD350 sold for $908. Kawasaki’s widow-making Z-1 sold for $1995. Wanted a Ducati 750SS? You’d have to spend over $3000. The RD350 was quick, agile, and accessible to the average rider. Weighing about 350 pounds wet, this bike was capable of 14 second quarter miles. So you wouldn’t win many drag races, but this was a perennial champion when it came to amateur track racing. Yamaha also featured a trick Autolube system that ensured you’d keep the oil mixed in properly. All this speed came at a price, though. You’ll be lucky to get 27 miles per gallon if you ride this bike like you should.

Yamaha RD350 - Gauges

This specific Yamaha RD350 is one of the first year models. While it hasn’t received a full restoration, this bike has had a lot of work done recently – to the point that you’ll need to break it in again. The work includes a new top end with a bore job, new seals, and new gaskets. The paint has been redone, and several parts have been recently replaced, including handlebars, tires, spark plugs, and drive chain. Aftermarket improvments include S&W shocks and EMGO air filters. As the seller claims, this is your chance to ‘own history’!

Yamaha RD350 - Engine

Find this Yamaha RD350 for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $2,495 in Grass Valley, California.

Yamaha RD350 - Front