2000 Kawasaki ZRX1100

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Post Listing Update: This ZRX did not meet reserve despite 20 bids up to $4,550 on eBay.

An odd hybrid of ’70s UJM and ’80s Superbike, the ZRX1100 was one of the most distinctive and beloved motorcycles that Kawasaki ever built. It somehow combined comfortable riding ergonomics, liter-bike performance, Eddie Lawson-inspired styling, and a relatively cheap MSRP. This example stands out because it looks great and it has $1,500 in suspension work by Race Tech. If you’ve been looking for a Z-Rex to flog instead of show, it’s going to be hard to top this bike.

2000 was the last year of the 1100. In 2001 Kawasaki bumped up displacement to 1200. The 1100 (acutally 1,052cc) inline-four motor was good for 97 horsepower at the rear wheel, enough to accelerate up to 60 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds. When it was released in 1999, Cycle World deemed it the Best Standard as part of their Ten Best awards. 11 years later, Cycle World would also call it a “Best Used Bike”. For more information, check out this “Smart Money” buyer’s guide from Motorcyclist magazine.

This example (VIN: JKAZRBC1XYA034119) has 6,280 miles and it’s had just one registered owner (the seller acquired it this year as part of a package deal and has not put it in his name). The seller replaced the tires, changed the oil, installed new spark plugs, cleaned the carbs, and claims that the bike “looks as new and fires right up”. What I love about this bike is the suspension work by Race Tech, which includes a full rebuild with “new oil, springs, valves, seals, etc.” Additional extras include a Sargent seat, MRA windscreen, removed reflectors, and more.

Find this ZRX for sale in Saint Louis, Missouri with bidding up to $4,051 and the reserve not yet met