2001 BMW R1150GS – Nicaraguan Fly and Ride

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Now this is a true fly and ride – buy this bike in Nicaragua, and see where the road takes you!   Even though I own one of these bikes myself (and I adore it), I don’t consider the 1150GS to be rare or unique. With that said, the opportunity presented here is definitely unique, and worth sharing in the hopes that someone will snap up this chance.


There’s enough literature out there about the 1150GS, so I won’t bore you with details about the breed in general. Instead, let’s consider this specific bike, which has already gone from California to Nicaragua.


The drivetrain and transmission are rebuilt, and you’ll get a new Heidenau on the rear. The pictures also show aftermarket fog lights, large metal panniers, and at least one Rotopax.


Check out this BMW R1150GS here on Craigslist, and have the trip of a lifetime!