2001 Kawasaki Voyager XII

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The aptly-named Voyager officially started in 1983, however Kawasaki previewed it with the “Touring” variant of the KZ1300 back in 1980, which featured a fairing, trunk, and bags. The original Voyager, released in 1983, had the touring features integrated much better in Kawasaki’s attempt to compete with the Gold Wing – like the Wing, it also featured a six-cylinder motor. In 1986, Kawasaki replaced the 1,300cc 6-cylinder with a 1,200cc four – the resulting Voyager XII was lighter, cheaper, nimbler, and better on gas.

The Voyager XII had an impressively-long production run of 17 model years – by the end of the run the styling was dated, but if you’re looking at it from a classic tourer standpoint now then it doesn’t matter – it comes off as a 80s tourer that’s half the age, plus there should still be decent parts availability. For more on the Voyager, check out this history of the model from the American Voyager Association.

This example has just 17,750 miles and it’s being offered by the second owner. Recent maintenance includes a new battery, new fork seals, and an oil change. The seller says that it’s well-maintained and starts the first time, but he has to let it go as he’s a senior citizen with a “knee injury preventing me from riding like I would like to.” Hope you’ve still got your cassette tapes laying around!

Find this Voyager for sale in Fort Collins, Colorado fro $3,600 here on Craigslist.